Why Is My House Dusty
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Why Is My House Dusty? Here are 5 Causes And Best Fixes

Are you a homeowner who wonders, “Why is my house so dusty?”

Of course, you want your living place to be clean and comforting. Yet, frustratingly, you find so much dust everywhere in your house.

Living in a dusty house is never fun. Take a closer look at your floors, carpets, sofas, or even the walls.

Swipe your hand through any of these surfaces, and you will have your hand covered in dust.

Yes, we know. You just cleaned your room. So how did it get so dusty so fast?

It seems like no matter how much you clean your house; dust keeps coming back.

Living in a dusty house can take a toll on you.

Dust in your house may make you look like a carless host to your houseguests too. They may not feel a warm welcome when they see dust particles flying around your home.

Overall, a dusty household makes you feel terrible. What is more alarming is that excessive dust can badly affect your health, causing respiratory diseases.

Dust is a huge issue. To tackle the problem, we need to see what causes dust.

Why Is My House so Dusty

Why Is My House So Dusty?

Well, it is no mystery. Scroll through to see what causes excessive dust in the house.

1. Low-quality HVAC system.

A low-quality HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) system can cause excessive dust in your house. Note that a lot of dust collects inside your HVAC system. Dust usually gathers in vents and ducts. If you leave it uncleaned for a long time, the dirt piled in there can clog the filters. It then causes dust and unhygienic air. Needless to say that it can worsen your health and allergies.

2. Open or leaky windows

Do you have your windows open in your house? Well, of course, it is nice to have windows open to let the sunshine in and get fresh air. However, it is not only fresh air that comes into your house. You are inviting dust particles into your place too. A large amount of dust comes in through open windows.

Maybe you do not keep your windows open in your house. However, check if there are any unsealed structural gaps and air leaks around ducts and plumbing. Frustratingly, those small spaces are enough for the dust to sneak into your household.

3. Dead skin cells.

Believe it or not but dead skin cells are a significant contributor to dust. We know; it is pretty gross. Well, that is how your body functions, though. It is what it is. Did you know that lots of dead skin cells come off when you are asleep? Then they end up on your bedsheets and pillows.

4. Dust lurks in Carpets and curtains

Another cause is carpets and curtains. These fabrics tend to trap so much dust.

So much dust gets trapped in carpets, and thick fabric drapes in your house.

For example, the dirt from shoes and pet paws settles into these fabrics.

5. Home improvement projects

Quick question. Did you recently renovate your home? Or is a neighbor renovating theirs?

Why Is My House so Dusty

Any home improvement project can shower your home with construction dust. Frustratingly, construction dust can make your house get dusty so fast. It can even worsen allergies and asthma symptoms quickly too.

Spray paint is also at fault for the dust buildup. The worst part about spray paint is that it does not just land where you point and spray. The spray paint can float away and mend well with other particles in the air, creating more and more dust.

Even if you do not have any home renovation happening, outdoors offer plenty of dust anyway.

Things you find outside like sand and rock are sources of dust. Other than that, pollen, microorganisms, and other air pollutants are also significant factors.

Undoubtedly, dust creates an uncomfortable environment in your living space. It makes you feel unclean, creates an unwelcoming vibe for your visitors, and is dangerous for your health.

How Can I Stop The Dust Completely?

Unfortunately, you cannot stop or get rid of dust completely.

However, the good news is you can keep dust under control. It is possible to reduce the dust in your house. You can take steps to reduce the dust in your place and prevent more dust from getting in. Read on to learn how to keep your place dust-free as possible.

Why Is My House so Dusty

How Do I Keep My House From Getting So Dusty?

Here are some simple but effective tips and tricks you can try to reduce dust in your household.

  1. Sweep the house regularly

The first tip is the most obvious, which is to clean the house regularly. No matter what, you cannot skip this step.

Ensure to sweep the areas that tend to have a lot of dust, like doorways, hallways, and the kitchen floor. Also, do not forget to throw the dust in your garbage can to ensure it does not reenter your house.

  1. Mop your floors.

Mopping is an excellent way to get the dust that you missed while sweeping. It is the best way to stop your floor from getting so dusty.  Be sure to clean often so that dust does not build up.

To clean tabletops, shelves, and other hard surfaces, you can use wet paper towels or sponges.

  1. Vacuum frequently

Another tip is to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. You can vacuum the floors as frequently as possible to avoid dust buildup.

You will be able to reduce the dust by vacuuming carpets and drapes at least once a week.

  1. Why Is My House Dusty?-Clean the HVAC System

If your HVAC system is unclean, it can cause a lot of dust. Consider hiring professionals to clean the system. Make sure to hire a certified HVAC professional for the job because improper cleaning can make things worse.

  1. Clean the fabrics in your house

Keep the curtains and drapes clean. You can wash them or dry clean them.

Also, do not forget the dead skin cells on your beddings!

Bedsheets, blankets, comforters, and pillows are places where dust lurks around without you even knowing.

Breathing dusty air in your sleep could be the reason why you wake up with a runny nose or get allergies.

So change your bedding, pillows, comforters, and throw blankets at least once every week. It is the best way to control the dead skin cells or dust miles dwelling on your sheets.

Also, do not forget to wash the beddings of pets often as well. If you clean them once a week, it would be enough to reduce dander.

  1. Restrict your pet from entering the rooms

Limiting your pets’ access to your room is essential to make a room less dusty.

Of course, you do not have the heart to keep your furry friend out of your house. The next option is to restrict their access to bedrooms and sleeping areas. That is because fabrics, like blankets, tend to collect a lot of dust and dander. That way, you will be able to reduce dust in the bedroom. Also, try and keep pets away from upholstered furniture and carpets as well.

You know that you spend so many hours a day sleeping in your bedroom. Even if you do not have allergies, breathing in all that dander can be dangerous. So you must take steps to prevent dust in the bedroom as much as possible.

  1. Invest in a good-quality air purifier.

Advanced technology comes in handy to keep dust under control. One of the best options available right now is air purifiers. Make sure to check if the air purifier has a HEPA filter.

You can place portable air purifiers in rooms that tend to get most dusty, like your bedroom and kitchen.

  1. Keep windows close

As you now know, a lot of dust comes in through open windows and unsealed cracks. So make sure to fix those leaky areas as soon as possible. Also, keeping the doors and windows closed as much as possible can be beneficial.

  1. Place your shoes out.

Another simple tip is to take your shoes off before entering the household. Simple but effective. We usually forget how much dirt we carry into the house through our shoes.

So fetch a place for your footwear outside the rooms and keep them there. This way, you are not dragging in many dust culprits.

  1. Dust with a microfiber cloth

Another fancy but very effective tip is to use a microfiber cloth. Dusting with a microfiber cloth is not the same as wiping with regular fabrics. This unique fabric can trap dust and hold it. Using your regular towel or clothes tends to move the dust around rather than getting rid of it. Feather dusters are no different either. They may make your furniture look cleaner, but the dust particles move to the air. So opt for a microfiber cloth.

Use the microfiber cloth to clean the surfaces where it tends to collect most dust. For example, the top of your mantel, desk, side tables, and so on.

Also, wet clothes can wipe away dust better than dry fabrics. So when you are dusting surfaces that are not wooden, make sure to wet the cloth first.

Do not forget to wash microfiber cloths immediately after dusting to remove all the dirt collected in the fabric. Also, remember never to use dryer sheets when you clean your microfiber cloth. That is because liquid fabric softener or dryer fabrics weaken the cloths’ ability to collect dust.

  1. Why Is My House so DustyClean your walls from top to bottom.

You may have noticed that there is dust on your walls. When your house is due for deep cleaning every few months, go over the walls and trim. Be sure to clean the top of the walls first, gradually making your way down to the bottom. That way, you will be able to collect all the dust that falls as you clean.

  1. Avoid letting construction dust into your house.

If you are doing any home renovations, avoid letting the construction dust get in the house. What you can do is to try and make cuts to wood outside. Make sure to do as much assembling as you can before entering your home. Once the renovating project is over, be sure to scrub and clean thoroughly every inch of your home.

There you have it! Now you know why your house is so dusty. More importantly, you learned what causes excessive dust in a house and ways to fix a dusty room. Dust in households is a huge problem for many. It can create a terrible environment for you and your family. By following proper cleaning methods, you will surely be able to keep your house as dust-free as possible.

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