Squeaky Bed

How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame? – Simple Solutions to Fix Your Squeaky Bed!

Imagine getting a good night’s sleep when your bed squeaks? It is merely impossible. You may even feel like throwing the bed right out of the house out of frustration.  However, it is not such a bright idea considering you will have to spend a ton of money to buy a new one. So what do you do? For starters, you can look for the source of the squeak. how to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame?

Once you find out what causes the problem, you can try to correct it.

How are you going to find the cause?

Do not worry!

We will walk you through everything you need to do to solve this problem. You can learn tips on how to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame. Other than that, you will learn about correcting metal bed frames too. This article will help you get back to your peaceful sleep.

Squeaky Bed

How To Fix A Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame?

The first step is to find answers to `Why does my bed creak when I move?’ The key to stopping the bed from squeaking is to find out which part makes the noise. Most bed frames have some main squeaking spots depending on the material and construction. So you need to inspect each of these parts.


Joints are the areas where two different points of the bed frame connect. You have to check the legs and outer edge, slats & outer perimeter, etc. You will notice that these parts may start to squeak when they experience pressure or wear out.


Usually, standard bed frames have slats made of wood or metal or feature a mesh-like construction. They can stretch from one side of the bed frame to the other. They are what keep up the mattress and box spring. You have to apply pressure to the slats to check if they are causing the squeaking. When metal parts rub on each other, it causes squeaking or rattling noises. It could be because they wore out or because you have tightened the screws too much.


The bed frame legs are a usual spot that makes squeaky sounds.


Now, if your bed frame has a minimalist design, it might not even have slats. However, it will still have a central supportive bar and outer perimeter. Note that those parts can also start to squeak sooner or later.


It can happen mostly with metal bars that have a polished finish. The mattress fabric may rub onto the metal cover and make squeaking sounds. It can especially happen if you are an active sleeper who tosses and turns a lot during your sleep.


Most of the time, manufacturers use unfinished wood to make wooden bed frames. This type of wood can soak in moisture from the air and expand. Note that it is possible for swelling to change the structure of the wood. This situation can make it prone to splits and cracks. Other than that, it can also make joints fit poorly, which can cause squeaking.

Box Spring

Check if it is the box spring that is squeaking. You have to apply pressure to the top of the box spring and move it around. Check if you hear squeaking noises. If you do, it is probably the box spring rather than the bed frame causing the problem.

If by any chance you find more than one squeak

wooden bed frame

y point, mark them with colored pencils. That way you do not forget about them.

How you can fix the problem depends on the construction and materials of your bed frame. Your bed frame could be wooden or metal. Either way, you can find methods that work for them below.

How To Fix A Metal Bed Frame?- How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame?

Make a Cushion From Electrical Tape – One of the best ways for those who are thinking about how to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame

You can avoid squeaks and noises from coming from your metal bed frame during the first assembly. 

Moreover, you have to wrap any joints with electrical tape. You can use 2-3 layers of the strip here.

Next, make a hole in the tape cushion and insert a screw. After that, you can assemble the frame as you normally would.

The tape will work as a washer or cushion. It will keep the surfaces from rubbing one another— so, no more squeaky noises.

Metal Bed

How to Fix a Wooden Bed Frame?- How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame?

  • Secure the Splits 

Maybe your wooden frame squeaks because the wood is deformed. In this case, you can wedge tiny pieces of cork into the spaces. Cut out a small amount and stick it into the split, and secure the construction. 

  • Sprinkle Some Baby Powder

It is one of the easiest tricks you can try. What you are going to need is baby powder or talcum. Go ahead and apply a generous amount to joints or squeaky areas you identified. So how does this solve the problem? Well, baby powder can prevent excess friction, which therefore eliminates any annoying squeaks. 

  • Tighten the Bolts

Regardless of the bed frame’s material, if two loosened surfaces rub together, they will squeak. So you try this trick on either your metal or wooden frame.

Carefully inspect the bolt and nut and tighten up any loosened ones. Do not apply a lot of extra pressure, though. Otherwise, you might break the thread, and the screw will become useless. First, tighten the bolt using your hands and secure it further using a screwdriver.

Besides, you can change metal washers to plastic instead. They are softer and will prevent two metal surfaces from rubbing on each other.

  • Try Wax or Soap

If your bed frame has squeaky joints, you can fix it with lubrication. However, make sure to check if it is finished food. Do not apply it to an unfinished wooden bed. That is because if you use liquid lubricants on unfinished wood, it can cause deformation. It can then make the squeaky sounds even louder.

So, what can you use on unfinished wood?

Well, you can use Paraffin. It is a waxy material that comes in bar form. So it is easy to rub on surfaces.

Other than that, you can use a thick layer of candle wax or soap too. 

Next, let us look at some general tips that can help fix a squeaky bed frame.

You can try the following tips regardless of the bed frame material.

Keep casters on the legs.

Sometimes bed frames can scratch the floor with their legs. As a result, it can make screeching noises. Maybe you are experiencing the same issue. Do not worry. You can solve this problem with ease. What you are going to need is plastic furniture casters. Place them on the legs, and it will prevent squeaking.

Try rotating your mattress.

In some instances, the solution is as simple as it gets. So try turning the bedding, and it might help distribute the weight more evenly. Doing so will eliminate a squeaky spot.

Fix the uneven floor.

Another possibility is that your bed frame does not stand firmly on the floor. It can cause an uneven weight distribution and disproportional impact on the joints, making them more likely to squeak. Check if this is the case. Then to secure the bed frame, place it on the rug under a corner to level it. Alternatively, you can use a stack of magazines.

What is the Best Lubricant For Squeaky Bed Frames?- How to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame?

WD-40 is the best lubricant.

WD-40 works well to remove rust on screws.

What you have to do is spray the screw with a generous amount of lube. Then you have to let it sit for about 15 minutes. Once the time is up, wipe down using a clean towel. Keep repeating the process several times until the rust is gone. 

How To Stop A Bed Frame From Squeaking In The Future?

Remember that any bed frame will begin to squeak over time. You have to keep an eye on it and prevent squeaks from coming back. To do that, you can follow these simple tips.

  • Remember to check screws from time to time and tighten up any loosened ones. This step will help stop the bed from squeaking time and time again. It will keep the bed frame sturdy and ensure even weight distribution.
  • You can try oiling or waxing up the joints. It will stop them from deformations and prevent any annoying squeaky sounds.
  • Do you live in a humid or overly arid climate? If so, make sure to manage your bedroom air humidity to 30-50%. It will mainly be helpful if your bed frame is wooden.

how to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame

The Bottom Line – How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame?

There you go!

Now you can follow the tips you learned to stop the annoying squeaky noise once and forever. Good thing you found this guide before throwing your bed out of the house. Who knew that the solutions to such an annoying problem could be this simple? The methods you learned will work well for different bed frame materials and construction types like wood and metal. So go ahead and get to work- Get your goodnight’s sleep back.

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